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Scripture Readings

December-3: St. Mary's visit to Elizabeth (Ladies' day)

December-10: Birth of John the Baptist (Children's day)

December-17: Annunciation to St. Joseph

December-24: Sunday before Christmas

December-25: Yeldho/Incarnation of our Lord (Christmas)

December-31: First Sunday after Christmas (The Holy Family flee to Egypt)



His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas,

Former Metropolitan of America

 How to Enable Us to See the Bright Side of People
(Published in The Gregorian, November 2006 Edition)

 What is Heaven? and some other commonly asked questions...

(Published in ICON yahoo group on Sep 14,2007)
Unconditional Love
(Published in The Gregorian, May 2008 Edition)


Rev. Fr. Jobson Kottapurath,

Vicar - St. Gregorios, Fishkill

ദൈവത്വത്തിലെ കുട്ടായ്മ 
(Published in The Gregorion November 2006 Edition)

Biblical and historical aspects of Infant Baptism
(Video of Achen's presentation at Faith Study Series Seminar at St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Austin Texas)


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