Welcome to St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church Of Dutchess County, NY - a mission of the Northeast American Diocese of the Malankara Syrian Church of India


Scripture Readings

January-1: New Year's Day, Circumcision of our Lord, Memory of St. Basil and St. Gregory.

Evening         St.Luke13:6-9
Morning         St.John9:4-7
Before Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana

January-6: Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ

Description : This festival is called Danaha in Syriac meaning 'Dawn'. Also called Epiphany or Theophany.
Evening     St.Mark1:1-11
Morning     St.Matthew3:1-17
Before Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana
Blessing of the Water

January-7: Beheading of St. John the Baptist

January-8: Feast of St. Stephen

January-14: Second Sunday after Baptism of our Lord

January-21: Third Sunday After Danaha

January-28: All Departed Priests

February-2: Mayaltho (Entry of our Lord into the temple)

Description : February 2nd is celebrated as the day when infant Jesus was presented in the temple. Also called the day of the Old Aged. Memory of St. Simon and St. Hanna.
Evening     St.Luke2:22-40
Morning     St.Luke2:22-40
Before Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana

February-4: All Departed Faithful

February 11 : First Sunday of 50 days Lent (Kothine Sunday - Pethrutha of the Great Lent)

The Great Lent starts by commemorating the first miracle performed by Jesus i.e. turning water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana of Galilee. The Gospel reading for each Sunday of the Great Lent is about a miracle performed by Jesus.

February 18: Second Sunday of Fifty days Lent (Lepers' Sunday)

February 25: Third Sunday of Fifty days Lent (Palsy Sunday)

Evening     St.Luke5:17-26
Morning     St.John5:1-18
Before Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana

March-4: Fourth Sunday of Fifty days Lent (Canaanite woman)

Evening     St.Mark7:24-37
Morning     St.Luke7:1-10
Before Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana

March-7: Fourth Wednesday of Fifty days Lent (Mid Lent)

Evening     St.Matthew17:22-27
Before Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana

March-11: Fifth Sunday of Fifty days Lent (Kpiptho/Crippled Woman)

March -18: Sixth Sunday of Fifty Days Lent (Catholicate Day)

March-23: Friday before Hosanna (40th Friday)

March-24: Saturday before Hosanna (Lazarus' Saturday)

March-25: Annunciation to St. Mary

We celebrate the Feast of Annunciation to St. Mary twice a year. On the 3rd Sunday after Koodhosh Eetho and on March 25th. Holy Eucharist must be celebrated on this day even if it comes during the Great Lent, during the Passion Week or on Good Friday. (The Holy Eucharist is not celebrated during the Great Lent days except all Saturdays and Sundays, Wednesday of Mid Lent, 40th Friday, and Maundy Thursday during the Passion week.)
EveningMorningBefore Holy QurbanaHoly Qurbana

March-25: Hosanna/Palm Sunday - (Boys' and Girl's Day)

March-29: Pesaho (Maundy Thursday)

March-30: Hasha (Good Friday)

March-31: Gospel Saturday (Saturday of Good Tidings)

April-1: Easter Sunday