Feasts of the church
Liturgical year of the church The liturgical year of the Church behins with the feast of purification. It comes on the first Sunday after 29th of October.
 Feasts celebrated on fixed days
1. Feast of our Lord's Birth (Yeldo)

25th of December 

2. Feast of our Lord's Baptism (Danaha)

6th of January    

3. Feast of Lord's Temple Entry (Mayaltho) 

2nd February 

4. The Annunciation to Mary about he Lord's Birth (Suboro)

2nd of February 

5. Feast of Transfiguration

6th of August 

6. Feast of Assumption of the Mother of God (Sunoyo)

15th of August 

7. Feast of the discovery of our Lord's Cross

14th of September 


Feast whose dates depend on the date of Easter.
 1. Feast of Hosanna
 2. Feast of Resurection
 3. Feast of Ascension
 4. Feast of Pentecost
The Anniversaries of the Apostles, Martyrs, Saints, and other Church Fathers.

1. Remembrance of Stephen, the first Martyr

8th of January

2. Remembrance of 40 Martyrs

9th of  March

3. Remembrance of St. George

23rd of April

4. Remembrance of St. Peter and St. Paul

29th of June

5. Remembrance of 12 Apostles

30th of June

6. Remembrance of St. Thomas the Apostle

3rd of July

7. Martyrdom of John the Baptist

29th of August

8. Remembrance of Mar Gegorios of Parumula

2nd of November

9. Remembrance of Mar Yakob Burdana

28th of November

10.Martyrdom of St. Thomasa

21st of December